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A feedback

Post by vicvix on Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:21 am

First of all, i wanted to say that the server is very nice and fun, but....
there is a huge content hole, since when you finish with items from BALLSHOP, there is nothing to do basically since there is not many people yet it will take ages to get Godly hero items so there is a huge content hole and basically nothing to do in game, i would like to make few suggestions to fill that hole.

1: If its possible, make a "wings system",
first of all if its possible to make wings with extra % to runing speed, lets say 30% faster.
and then make many different things to get wings, lets say killing X number of different monsters, get few items ect.. this one can keep people busy.

2: If its possible create "Stats stones"
let's say stones that add DR/MR42-91 ect.. to armors and special stones that add "ancient, sharp" & "hitting prob" ect.. for weapons and make them droppable from some new monsters in abandon map so people will fight over those.

3: If its possible make "Majestic shop"
with some cool items that will be only in this shop to make majestic usable in game

4: Ball points conversion to actual balls so we will have currency

5: And few auto event everyday will be also nice Smile

This is my ideas, hope you'll like them, see ya in game.


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